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Stretch Away Low Back Pain

Stretch Away Low Back Pain

Stretch Away Low Back Pain

Mrs Mary Hutto MS,PT,AT,
Mrs Mary Hutto MS,PT,AT,

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This online seminar presents Mary Hutto's concepts and utilization of Stretch Away Muscle Pains Stretching System for the Low Back. This course is designed for health care professionals (PT, PTA, ATC) as well as professional trainers, who wish to broaden their existing therapy skills to help people get out of muscle pain. This course goes over general anatomy, desired mobility, common ow back problems, muscles involved and specific SAMP stretches that target these muscles to regain full mobility and proper posture.


Foundation in Back, Hip anatomy, biomechanics and function relevant to the treating clinician.
Specific stretching exercise interventions for Low back and Hip problems.
Understanding stretching principles and benefits of stretching.
Understanding the importance of proper posture and body mechanics.
-Muscle shortening is the cause of most muscle pain
-proper posture is our number one goal in keeping pain free
-full mobility is the key to keeping the body from aging prematurely
-Premature aging of the body can be prevented by keeping the muscle limber & gaining full joint mobility
-We must treat the core of our body to get more permanent results, including improved alignment
-Increasing circulation is important. IT eliminates harmful toxins from our body
-Strength training may be harmful if there is limited joint mobility
-Stretching is the missing link in our efforts to regain mobility and strength
-Stretch away muscle pain stretching system targets specific muscles that are causing pain and poor posture
Lean specific safe stretches of the SAMP stretching system that targets specific muscles/muscles that can cause poor posture, loss of mobility and muscle pain.
Mrs Mary Hutto MS,PT,AT,

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Mrs Mary Hutto MS,PT,AT, is owned by Mary Smithson-Hutto, BS, MS, RPT, AT, LMT. Since 1992, Mary has owned her own private practice, Physical Therapy clinic in Kula, Maui, Hawaii, called MAUKA PHYSICAL THERAPY. She specializes in “hands on” Physical Therapy called Myofascial Re-posturing. By combining Myofascial Release, PNF and her unique Stretching program, she can permanently eliminate most muscle pain. She uses the Muscle Pain Relief Stretching System successfully, every day in her clinic, to help patients become pain free. She works closely with Maui’s Physicians to restore Health and Well-Being to her patients. She does workshops to teach people her Myofascial Re-posturing system as well as gives workshops on her stretch away muscle pain stretching system.
Mary received her bachelors in Science /Physical education– Secondary teaching certificate in 1980 at the University of Colorado. She then went on to get her Masters in Sports medicine from Indiana State University in 1981. She has been an Athletic Trainer since 1978. She graduated from University of Health Sciences /Chicago Medical School in 1986 with a bachelors in Physical Therapy. She received her Massage license in Hawaii in 1995.

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