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Emotional Core Therapy

Emotional Core Therapy

Emotional Core Therapy

Mr Robert Moylan, LCPC
Mr Robert Moylan, LCPC

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In 2014, Emotional Core Therapy was ranked the top rated book on Amazon in two categories, “Emotions” and “Mental Health.” The Emotional Core Therapy approach is the simplest, most effective, and most inclusive behavioral psychology approach available worldwide to treat most relationship/psychological stress. This includes eating disorders, addictions, depression, anxiety, anger, personality disorders, mental discord, and childhood trauma. Negative human emotions can wear down and deplete the energy and passion in one’s life. This new discovery in the field of psychology can help teens and adults to have lasting emotional power and balance in their lives

As a mental health professional, you want the most effective psychology tools to help your clients. You want peace, happiness, and a clear path of recovery for all your clients. You want to teach techniques that can really work to identify and process stress. The Emotional Core Therapy course offers all this and more.

The power to change and heal others is right at your finger tips. Mr. Moylan treats nearly all psychological stress, including addictions with a clear path and vision. This empathy based class does not use fear or anger. Compassion and support are traits that effectively work to gain trust. Also, having a psychological process that works every time can only help with your confidence as a healer. With Emotional Core Therapy, we now have a tool that is a game changer in the field of psychology. This interactive teaching tool helps you learn how to effectively treat addicts and others suffering stress.

Nearly all human maladaptive behavior is learned. Now you can learn a supportive way to help others relearn proper self soothing techniques. Emotional Core Therapy works well with a client centered approach. Clients are taught to be kind to themselves and work at their own pace. This novel approach utilizes many venues, including video, books, interactive exercises, and tests, to help one gain insight into their behavior.

Wouldn’t it be great to have clients learn a psychology approach that can use everywhere and anywhere? With emotional Core Therapy, clients can utilize these simple to use techniques at home, work, school, sporting activities, and many other areas of their lives.

In this class we will show you how to effectively treat any psychological disorder. The exceptions are those cases where there exists long term physical or psychological damage. We will teach you how to help clients gain inner peace and happiness in their lives. With Mr. Moylan’s unique eight step Emotional Core Therapy flowchart, you will learn how to empower yourself and your clients.


Upon completion of this online activity, the participant should be able to:
Objective 1: Learn to Love yourself: Peaceful Daydreaming/Reflective State of Being
• Differentiate between relaxation and meditation
• Examine various avenues to meditate successfully
• Discuss why this is an essential step of Emotional Core Therapy
• Have participants examine the flow chart through their own eyes
Objective 2: Examine how needs (emotional, financial, spiritual, and physical) cause stress
• Review list of stresses that people deal with on a daily basis
• Have participants examine stress in their lives
• Have participants hear case studies of clients dealing with stress
Mr Robert Moylan, LCPC

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Mr Robert Moylan, LCPC

Robert A Moylan, LCPC was raised by a single mom on the west side of Chicago. He is one of 13 children. He attended both Lake Forest Academy and Northwestern University on scholarship. He also wrestled for Northwestern and learned valuable lessons about life through sports. Robert has a Master’s degree and 84 hours of post graduate study. He has worked as a teacher, athletic coach, and counselor since graduating from NU in 1984. He also has presented seminars on bullying, substance abuse, career counseling and online technology.

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