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Really Bizarre Sexual Behaviors

Really Bizarre Sexual Behaviors

Really Bizarre Sexual Behaviors

Dr Louis Franzini PhD
Dr Louis Franzini PhD

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Human behavior is fascinating, complex, and multi-determined. What someone does in any given instance is caused by an active combination of factors that are psychological, learned, biological, genetic, environmental, and occasionally instinctual. Our understanding of human behaviors is greater than our ability to predict them. Even so, that understanding is still far from complete and the extant theoretical explanations for unusual behaviors are sometimes contradictory and nonscientific.

This course presents highly unusual, but fascinating, descriptions of sexual behaviors engaged in by consenting adults. These behaviors have many followers in both fantasy and real life. At times the participants’ interests can lead to anxiety, depression, fears, and other forms of psychic stress, which then brings them to clinicians who must be cognizant of such behaviors in order to formulate appropriate treatment regimens.

The course will describe in detail numerous extreme sexual practices including:
• Self-practices
• Standard, atypical, and predatory paraphilias
• Hypersexuality and sexual addictions
• Fisting
• Wet and messy fetishes
• Involvement of bodily fluids
• Erotic spanking
• Dippoldism
• Infantilism
• Pony play


Objective 1:
To become familiar with highly unusual sexual practices between men and women and/or same sex individuals.
Objective 2:
To be able to identify the unique argot of active members of the sexual underground who practice these bizarre behaviors.
Objective 3:
To acquire sufficient knowledge of such sexual behaviors that you, as an accepting clinician, will not exhibit such shock or alarm with your clients, which, in turn, would diminish your therapeutic effectiveness.
Objective 4:
To note the extent to which your personal views and the traditional academic and professional definitions of abnormality may stand in similarity or in contrast.
Objective 5:
To clarify the limits that general society and its legal system should invoke in defining the appropriateness of consensual sexual behaviors between human adults.
Objective 6:
To name three clinical criteria to be met before treatment is offered for a “really bizarre sexual behavior.”
Dr Louis Franzini PhD

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Dr Louis Franzini PhD

Louis R. Franzini, PhD, received his B.S. degree in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh, his M.A. degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Toledo, and his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh. He then completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Behavior Modification at the State University of New York at Stony Brook (now Stony Brook University). Following the postdoctoral program, Dr. Franzini joined the Psychology Department at San Diego State University where he spent his entire academic career. He retired as Emeritus Professor of Psychology. His international academic experience included a number of appointments as Distinguished Professor of Psychology. Dr. Franzini is licensed as a psychologist in Florida and in California.

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