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RROHC Professional Practice Specialist Course

RROHC Professional Practice Specialist Course

RROHC Professional Practice Specialist Course

Ms Ruth Hansten BSN, PhD, MBA, RN, FACHE
Ms Ruth Hansten BSN, PhD, MBA, RN, FACHE

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The RROHC® Professional Practice Specialist Certification Program is intended to be a sixteen-week to twenty-week program. This portfolio is organized into sections with reading and on- the-job assignments to complete.


This course prepares the student for the following RROHC competencies:
1. Effectively assign, delegate, supervise, and establish team leadership.
2. Communicate professionally as a leader and interdisciplinary team member.
3. Skillfully deliver essential reports and feedback.
4. Solves problems through primary critical thinking skills.
5. Successfully apply 4 P’s (Purpose, Picture, Plan, Part) with patients, patients’ families, teams, and organization.
At conclusion of this course, the learner will perform following behaviors:
1. Makes assignments flexibly based on intended outcomes and the personnel available, using the 5 rights of teamwork.
2. Gives initial direction to assistive personnel.
3. Makes a plan for the shift with one’s team (4 Ps for day) or as charge RN.
4. Plans checkpoints and breaks.
5. Introduces self and/or team to patients/families using important connection point (i.e., names, roles, privacy, clarity, team members introduction).
6. Performs initial rounding for prioritization.
7. Performs bedside focused interviews with patients/families using preferred techniques for centering, presence, and shared outcomes determination.
8. Plans and leads end of shift feedback session time.
9. Offers and receives feedback in a reciprocal manner.
10. Communicates effectively with physicians as team members.
11. Delivers a change of shift report or hand-off using the 4Ps.
12. Uses critical thinking problem solving skills on real problems and presents recommendations to appropriate personnel in the workplace.
13. Communicates effectively with allied healthcare professional members of the interdisciplinary team as well as the bedside nursing care team and shares the patient’s 4 Ps with them.
14. Initiates reflection about personal behavior and begins using emotional intelligence to augment communication skills.
15. Acts consistently with RROHC principles of practice and professional integrity.
Ms Ruth Hansten BSN, PhD, MBA, RN, FACHE

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Ms Ruth Hansten BSN, PhD, MBA, RN, FACHE

Ruth Hansten RN, MBA, PhD is the author of seven books and numerous articles. Her mission is to promote healing and wholeness, transforming organizations through relationship enhancement and skills development. With 41 years of experience in nursing, she brings both a practical and humorous approach to the essential work that nurses do. For the past 22 years her national consulting practice has worked with nursing care delivery models, critical thinking, delegation and leadership skills, coaching, and interdisciplinary team development. Using education, consulting, and coaching skills, she has worked with approximately 175 organizations nationally and internationally to transform their leadership teams. Dr. Hansten has developed a care delivery model and philosophy called Relationship and Results Oriented Healthcare® (RROHC) and this model had resulted in improved patient outcomes, clinical indicators, employee engagement, provider satisfaction, and healthcare employee retention. This model is described in her book with colleague Kimberly McNally, The Relationship & Results Oriented Healthcare Planning and Implementation Manual (Hansten Healthcare PLLC 2008), and the Master Coach Manual (2014). Ruth’s doctoral research focused on critical thinking and clinical judgment and she incorporates her research into her teaching and consulting strategies. She has been a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives. In 2008 the 4th edition of her Clinical Delegation Skills: A Handbook for Professional Practice book was published, the first edition of which was granted the AJN Book of the Year award. She has served as adjunct faculty for the University of Washington and Seattle University School of Nursing, and has lectured or consulted at 175 organizations. She has served as a Board of Directors trustee at a Pacific NW medical center and on the AHA Regional Policy Board.

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